Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She's working, teaching, speaking and loving it!

Hey Mom and Dad –

Well, the work is going good. We are working with two girls and I would love them to be baptized. We will ask them to be baptized on Friday! They are so great. The mom and dad are Spanish and do not know anything! So that makes it hard. But they are great girls. Then I meet another girl. Her mom is Spanish, too. There is a girl named Jordon who just got baptized. Oh mom, I love this little girl. Her dad has died so we are going to teach her about the plan of salvation.

I love my comp. her name is sister AH SUE. She is great. We went the temple today! The temple is small. We are living with a family. They are the Lewis family. The mom is so great! She is like you a little bit. The dad is the bishop of the ward.

We cover 5 wards here. We talked on Sunday. That was not fun, but it was ok. Tell the gmas thank you for writing me, and tell Cherie thank you too! I love you mom and dad so much! I miss you!
- Sister Musick

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