Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of 2009

Hi Mom and Dad
Well, I loved talking with you guys! It was a lot of fun! It sounds like you had a busy day on Christmas going back and forth between homes. I would have to say that my favorite part of Christmas was talking with you guys. Not much has happened here! We had been teaching a lot of lessons, so that is good. We had been teaching the members. I am so lucky to be living with a good family. They are so great to us!

We are getting our transfer calls next Wed. That is so crazy to think it is that soon. I went shopping today and one of the sisters bought me a coat - that was so nice of her. My coats are not heavy. I will be sending some stuff home that I don’t need any more or have room for.

I am so lucky to have such a great family. Families are so important! I loved talking with you and dad so much. I wish I could have talked to my other family members. Tell Bethany and Jordon hi, and Jared and Cherie hi, too and I love them all! I love you and dad. I am so grateful for you guys in my life! I will talk with you later!
Love Sister Musick
Hurrah for Israel!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Call 2009

Sister Musick called us in the evening just as we were beginning our Christmas dinner. She said she was going to call at 7:00 and we got a later start on dinner and forgot the hour time difference so her call came just as we were beginning to eat. I ate my dinner in the other room while listening to her on the phone. She got to talk to her Dad and I and then asked to talk to her Papa and Grandma Kelsey where she challenged her Papa to read part of the introduction of the Book of Mormon so he would understand what she was doing in Idaho. He responded that he knew what she was doing and she told him she wanted him to know why she was doing it. After she got a committment out of him to read it, she proceeded to earnestly testify to him of the truthfulness of the gospel and the restoration of the church and of Jesus Christ, our Savior. It was amazing to hear her and we marveled at how clear and direct she was speaking. We looked at each other and asked, "Who is this girl?" It was so impressive; I was crying, Grandma was crying, Dad had tears in his eyes and Papa had a lump in his throat. It was something else. Later that night Papa turned to me and remarked that I must be pretty proud of my daughter. I don't even think he knows how amazed I was of her. She also made Grandma promise to check up on him to make sure he read (which he has read already). She said he could just go ahead and continue reading once he got through the introduction part and into the Book of Mormon. We all got a chuckle out of that.

She got to talk to her sister, Kelsey, and brother-in-law, Lance, who told her of an few experiences he had on his mission that - without him knowing - were exactly what she needed to hear. She loves her family and (I think) was missing us a little during the holidays, but she is one determined girl and is ready for a new year.

Thanks for a wonderful present, Sister Musick!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A White Christmas?

Hi Mom and Dad
I just sent you something for Christmas, I hope that you like it, and think of me.

Well, the family sounds a little crazy while caroling. That would be fun! Well I don’t know what to talk about. I did not get your package at all. Sam wrote me, so that is cool! I love that boy (Elder).

Life is fine. We are working hard! The work is fine. It is hard because of Christmas. But is ok! That is life. It was snowing today so we have a little snow on the ground.

Well, I will talk to you Friday. I miss you all. Thank you for your prayers! I will call you at 6:00 pm my time so I think that would be 5:00 pm your time. Love you again!!!

Love, Sister Musick
Hurrah for Israel!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well Hi Mom,
It snowed Sunday night. It was nice to see the snow in the mornings here. We were driving home last night and it was 1 degree! Crazy - the snow is still on the ground! But I like it. I am happy that we have a car!

I will try my best not to be sick.

That sounds like fun and I am glad that you went to Brock’s b-day. They sent me a picture. It was so cute! I miss them!

We did not get to see the 1st Presidency's Christmas Devotional. I was sad but we needed to see a family of ours! It was a good thing! We had a blow up at a family home and the dad (I think) knows it is true and he knows that we are messengers of God, and Madeline has read the BOM three times, all of it!

Church was great . . . the 7 hours we go! I bore my testimony, because we had a investigator(less-active) in church and it was good!

I do not know when we are going to call home for Christmas but we will call you. I am looking forward to talking with you! Will you be home for Christmas this year? Do you wish I could be there to help put up things?

By the way, my boots are too high for me. They hurt my feet! So can you look for flat boots for me? I would also like a ring. I have seen one that has the word Zion on it and then when you change it around it says noiz. It is a laser cut. I would like that! But you don’t have to get it for me.

The work is going good. It is hard work. But I love it! I miss you guys like crazy and miss dad and you, mom a lot. Families are so great! I am grateful to have you in my life! The love a family shows is so great! I am grateful that I can be sealed to my family forever!

Mom and Dad, you are a great example to me and I want what you have. Thank you for all that you do for me and my brothers and sisters.

I love you so much! Talk to you soon!
Love Sister Musick
Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Staying in Meridian with Sister Ah Sue

Hey, Mom
I’m sorry about the letter last week. It did not go through. All is going well here. I am staying in Meridian and with sister Ah Sue. We are hoping that this transfer is going to be great!

We are teaching a girl name Codie. She is the step daughter of Darin Tompkins and Lisa Tompkins. She lives with them half the time and spends every other week with her biological father who isn’t LDS. Codie goes to YW and to church with the Tompkins. Her dad doesn’t want her to be baptized. We're teaching the lessons slowly - just a couple principles at a time during FHE. Hopefully her dad’s heart will soften! MOM and DAD, I love this family so much!!!

Thanksgiving was good - I loved it. We went to 5 peoples’ homes. But I was good about eating the food.

[She gave me her home address - if you want it, email Cathy]

The Yardleys are doing something this year. So that will be great! For Christmas I want sweaters and scarves.

Well, thanksgiving sounds like it was good. I love you all and miss you. Tell the family I said hi, and I love them. I am doing good, tired, but good! LOVE YOU!! MISS YOU!!
Love, Sister Musick
Hoorah for Israel!