Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phone call

We had a nice 40 minute phone visit with Sister Musick as she waited for her flight to Boise in the Salt Lake City airport. She called about 8:00 am and sounded ready for the next big adventure; although she loved her experience in the MTC and the wonderful people she met there. She was particularly grateful for one of her teachers, Elder Dixon, who was very understanding and supportive of her particular challenges as he had some of his own; so he could relate. Another fellow missionary, Elder Claridge, was very helpful with her reading. She left with 6 elders from her district and they met up with 3 more heading to Boise.

She did injure her shoulder (AGAIN!) while in the MTC. No surprise there – we were expecting that. She was so excited to play ball on the field in front of the Provo Temple with all the other missionaries. This time she was playing softball! They wanted to send her to the doctors, but she refused and opted for some medication instead. It made her sick so she went back to ibuprofen. She did receive a blessing, but she said he didn’t say anything about her shoulder, but all about her mind being open and receptive to the work she needed to do. I guess the shoulder will have to take care of itself.

She had the opportunity to go to the temple twice and she did work the phone center. That was an interesting experience for her, but she did get to send a Bible to someone who called in.

She wanted to know about everyone, particularly Sam. We realized that she doesn’t have access to his letters and the blog anymore so she feels disconnected to him now. I am not sure whether he emails her or not. We will have to send his info her way and vice versa.

Anyway, she was ready to get started among the wonderful people in Idaho. We wish her well and great success.

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