Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November News

Hey Mom and Dad –

Well, Halloween was fine; I still don’t like it. But we visited some people in one of our wards.

It is getting colder here and I love it. I had my first zone conference. It was good. I played b-ball and the Elders were surprised that I could play ball. It was fun to see the look on Pres. Yardley’s face. He played with us. We went to the temple today; it was great!

I talked to the doctor at zone conference. He cannot do anything for me and my shoulder. So I am sad about that. It is hurting bad now, but that is life.

I cannot believe it is my b-day tomorrow - how crazy. The DL said he wants to do something for me. That is nice of him.

Tell Bethany I said Hi. She wrote me CRAZY. I did not think she would. That is great to hear what is going on. Tell Cherie thank you for me and I love her and Bethany. I am so happy for all of you. Sounds like fun. Dad, I love you so much and I think about you a lot. I pray for you all the time too. Keep up the good work in the church.

Mom, thank you for writing me and sending the package for my b-day. I did not open it!! So I do not know what you put in there, but thank you. The work is going good. I love sharing my testimony to people - that is what makes me happy! Thank you all! I love you, mom and dad :)

- Sister Musick

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