Saturday, November 14, 2009

A fellow Missionary Mom in Meridian!

I saw a new mom had joined the Sister Missionary North email group and that she was also sending her son out and would have two missionaries out at the same time. Since we have that in common and she was from Meridian, Idaho I introduced myself to her and received this delightful response:

Hi, Cathy. Thanks for you welcome. I was thrilled to hear from you. Your daughter is serving in our ward right now. In fact she is coming to dinner on Monday! I knew she was from CA and wondered if it was near where our daughter is going to be serving. She and her companion came over and taught us a lesson about 3 weeks ago, probably shortly after she got here. Your daughter is very sweet and did an awesome job. Her companion is wonderful and has been instrumental in really reaching out to the members around here. We loved having them here and are really looking forward to having them for dinner on Monday! Is there something special your daughter might like for dinner? Do you have any messages or anything for your daughter? I will give her a "Mom" hug for you!

As far as our kids, yes they will be in the MTC together. Heidi will be there about 3weeks before Stephen arrives. We are assuming he will only be there 3 weeks before he goes to New Zealand and Heidi will be there about 8 weeks since she will be learning Spanish so she will still be there when he leaves. We don't know for sure on the timing because we haven't heard anything on that yet. Is the Los Angeles temple in the San Fernando mission? [No it isn't.]

I am excited to have connected with you. I love these groups! It sure helps make the world (especially in the church) a little smaller!

Teresa Rollins, Meridian, ID
MM to Sister Rollins, CA, San Fernando, Spanish speaking, 2/2010-8/2011
MM to Elder Rollins, NZ Wellington, 2/2010-2/2012

Such fun for a mom to get to hear like this! I love it!

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