Friday, November 13, 2009

Boise Questionnaire

November 1, 2009
How was the Mission Home? We had a good lunch and I liked being with the Elders one more time.
What is President Yardley like? He is a great man and he loves being a Mission President and really loves all the missionaries.
How did your first interview go? It was easy - he gave me a blessing!
How was Sister Yardley? Sweet, loving, cares about her missionaries.
What did you do when you got to Boise? Had lunch, went to work, did a lesson with members
Where is your companion from? Camarillo, CA
How long has she been out? "a few months" - that is what she says.
How many sisters are there in your mission? 15 Sister Missionaries.
Did you get your bedding or was it provided? It was provided.
Are you in a car? Yes
Are you the navigator? Sometimes
Want your GPS? (later?) YES!
What was it like at church and meeting 5 new wards? It is hard to know all the people
How much area does that cover? Is it real small like a few blocks in Provo? It is big - not like Provo
You live with the Bishop’s family? In the basement or something? We live downstairs, the Bishop is not our Bishop.
It sounds like you have traded in your parents for newer models - Heee Heee NO!!!
So what was your talk about? Missionary work, we are talking in the singles ward soon, too! We do not cover that ward.
How long did you have to speak? About 5 minutes and that was good.
Do you teach the Missionary Gospel Essential class on Sundays? No
Gma said the Rothwells were in one of the wards and that Tianna came up to you, tell me about it. I was talking in that ward and she was visiting her friend and she came up to me and asked if I remembered her!
Do you get many dinner appointments? Who does your cooking? What do you eat? Yes! all the time. The members cook and I eat everything they put in front of me!
Where do you go for the internet? The library
How far away is the temple from you? 7 miles
Do you get to go very often? Every P-day
Did you know we love you and love hearing about your mission experiences? Yes!

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