Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Birthday in the mission field

My B-day was good, I loved it. The Elders made it good for me! Sister Meacham [who sent the picture below] is one of the ward missionaries in one of my wards. We went out to lunch; it was fun. I got 3 cakes that day. We went to a family’s house for dinner and they made me a cake. Then the people we are living with made me a cake. Amazingly, my weight is the same! President and Sister Yardley called me on my b-day; it was cute! I loved the box you sent me, thank you! Tell Kelsey that I got her letter. But the sad thing is the ring was not in there! :( I wanted a ring because everyone has a ring. But it is ok. Can you tell her to send a picture of the ring so I can see it! I need to hear about faith so the letter is all I need! I got a blessing, as I was worried that I did not have faith. Tell her thank you. I will write her today.

I love hearing about all the things at home, but you do not have to send announcements to me. It makes it hard for me! I am having a hard time being happy. (You know me!) I am having a hard time forging on in the work. I think about my friends all the time and what is going on with them! But it is ok. I am trying to be better! I write to Sam all the time on p-day. They are not long but it is ok. We talk but keep sending me things of his.

I want you to know that I know that families are so important in this church. I am so grateful to have a great family and that I know that we will be together forever! I go in to non-member’s homes and I do not feel to sprit there. But when I go into members’ homes you can feel it there.

Love you, mom.


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