Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi Mom and Dad!
Well, you guys are in Hawaii right now! Lucky you! I hope that you are having fun even if it is raining.

Well, I have a great story for you. We were meeting with a lady name Robin Knight. She is less active she lives in a log cabin-looking home (so you know I love it.) Well we were planning for the next day and her name came up. We wanted to do something great so we were looking all over, and we looked in PMG at the Christlike attributes in Chapter 6 (look at it). We prayed at different times and then came together and we decided to give a lesson on Hope. So we go to the lesson and it went great. At the end of the lesson she asked why we talked about hope and we told the story. Robin said "That is what I needed!” She told us that her mom found out that she has cancer now! It was a great spirit with us! I love Robin so much more now that she shared that with us!

Well, I love you us so much. I got my Valentine package today, Mom - thank you so much. Send me a picture of Hawaii in the mail when you have the time. I well be sending some pictures, too. Tell the family I said HI and I love them!

Love, Sister Musick

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