Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Transfer time ...

Hi Mom and Dad,

Well, it is another time for transfers: I am going to Eagle, Idaho. I will have 2 companions, Sister Ka'afi and Sister Thomas. They will be great! I think I will learn to relax a little bite with a Tongan around me. I will miss Meridian and the people here, but I know I will see them after the mission and I know that they will be praying for me. I am very grateful for the people here. They have been great to me.

So, this week we are helping a lady stop smoking. That has been crazy! She calls us every day and we stop by all the time. She wants to be baptized so badly but she needs to kick some things out of her life. But all is going good for her; she has been 7 days without a smoke.

P-Day is going good, but the temple is closed - sad day. But I got to play B-ball and it was fun to play and let some steam off!

I hope you all doing good. I love you all. Please write me so I know what is going on! Love you!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Musick
Hurrah for Israel!!

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