Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi Mom and Dad

So right now I am fighting a cold, that is sooo fun!

Sister Webb (who sent the recent letter) is a good friend of mine. She helps so much! Yes, her son is on a mission now, too! I love going over to her home she is so great to me! We are going over to her home tonight. So it will be fun!

I love Beth Lynn Dishman - how is she doing? What is going on with her?

Elder Sam Musick does not write me. I know he is busy! I write him sometimes.

Well, tell dad thank you for fasting for me and thank you mom for doing that, too! I am leaving next transfers. I have 2 weeks left in Meridian - it will be sad, but it will be fine. I wonder where I am going.

I will be sending some pictures soon. I have the Webb family picture in there! Well I love you all - thank you for praying and fasting for me! I love you mom and dad so much!

Sister Musick
Hurrah for Israel!

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