Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Staying in Meridian with Sister Ah Sue

Hey, Mom
I’m sorry about the letter last week. It did not go through. All is going well here. I am staying in Meridian and with sister Ah Sue. We are hoping that this transfer is going to be great!

We are teaching a girl name Codie. She is the step daughter of Darin Tompkins and Lisa Tompkins. She lives with them half the time and spends every other week with her biological father who isn’t LDS. Codie goes to YW and to church with the Tompkins. Her dad doesn’t want her to be baptized. We're teaching the lessons slowly - just a couple principles at a time during FHE. Hopefully her dad’s heart will soften! MOM and DAD, I love this family so much!!!

Thanksgiving was good - I loved it. We went to 5 peoples’ homes. But I was good about eating the food.

[She gave me her home address - if you want it, email Cathy]

The Yardleys are doing something this year. So that will be great! For Christmas I want sweaters and scarves.

Well, thanksgiving sounds like it was good. I love you all and miss you. Tell the family I said hi, and I love them. I am doing good, tired, but good! LOVE YOU!! MISS YOU!!
Love, Sister Musick
Hoorah for Israel!

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