Sunday, September 20, 2009

Idaho Boise Mission History

The Idaho Boise Mission came about by way of the Idaho Pocatello Mission. On 1 July 1974 the Idaho Pocatello Mission was formed from the Montana Billings Mission. On 1 July 1979 the mission home was moved to Boise and the name changed to the Idaho Boise Mission. On 1 July 1991, the Idaho Boise mission split to Idaho Boise & Idaho Pocatello missions.

The Idaho Boise Mission includes 30 stakes in South Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Most of the population resides in the Snake River Valley in Southern Idaho and the Oregon population is in a narrow band a few miles wide which follows Interstate 84 from Ontario to LaGrande, Oregon.

The Mission extends from Twin Falls, Kimberly, and Carey on the East to Ontario, and Lagrande, Oregon on the West. The Northern boundary extends in Idaho to McCall and Riggins and also includes Sun Valley on the Northeast. All of Idaho East of Twin Falls is in the Idaho Pocatello Mission and the Northern Panhandle is in the Washington Spokane Mission.

Idaho's population is approximately 1,250,000. Boise is the largest city with approximately 250,000 residents and is the only city in Idaho with more than 50,000 people. For the most part, the state is very rural and sparsely populated.

A rapidly increasing Hispanic element, representing 5.3% of the state's population, constitutes Idaho's largest ethnic minority. Among religious groups, the Mormons make up about 29% of the state's population and are the largest, followed by Roman Catholics and Methodists. For more than a century, Idaho has ranked second after Utah in concentration of Mormon population.

Some cities in Eastern Idaho have a Mormon population of 50% to 60%. The Idaho Boise Mission which includes South Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon is closer to 15% to 20%Mormon. Idaho has three Mormon temples, one in Idaho Falls, one in Boise and the third in Rexburg.

On a personal note, Katie's grandparents served in the Portland Oregon Mission in a small town called John Day, Oregon. It has sinced been absorbed into the Idaho Boise Mission. She could possibly serve where her grandparents served!

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